Split Ep with Red River Dialect


On Record store day (April 16th 2011) we played a gig at Jam Records and released a split e.p with Red River Dialect.

Heres what David (Red River Dialect / Lono Records) has to say at the time:

This Saturday, April 16th, is known in some circles as Record Store Day. This means that lots of bands and labels produce limited quantities of unique releases, to be sold only in independent record shops on that day and days following.

For record geeks like me, this is immensely exciting. Jam, a record shop found at number 32 on Falmouths old high st, will be stocking around 70 of these unique and exciting artifacts from all manner of hardworking labels and bands. But! There will also be a live performance by Red River Dialect and by Colour Sun from 2pm. We have also produced a very limited split ep, in a nice card gatefold case. Two songs from each band making 25 minutes. There’ll be 50 copies at a very reasonable price.

- http://redriverdialect.blogspot.com/2011/04/were-playing-record-store-day-instore.html

It also got reviewed by Norman records:

Now this I like a lot. Two tracks from each of these bands, both from Falmouth in Cornwall. The Colour Sun tracks are really blissed out psychedelic folk. For a duo their music has real depth, and for me their songs are the stand-outs of this split. The first one is a largely instrumental jam, lots of repetitive grooves, lots of room for the melodies to breathe. It’s got a real lazy summer afternoon feel to it which is great, feels like they really captured a moment. Their other one is much more vocal-led but still feels spontaneous and laid back. I’d not heard either band before today but I’m most impressed. Red River Dialect are a five-piece band, playing something which closer resembles folk, I suppose. They’ve got drums and the vocals are much more prominent. Their songs appear to have been recorded live but it’s a well-mixed recording so that doesn’t detract from anything. Their first track is a fairly straightforward number but on the second one there’s some nice scrapey Warren Ellis-style fiddle playing and it’s got this lovely hazy Eastern feel. They sort of remind me of Calexico in places in this song, too. I’m glad it’s long. I want to take this EP home with me.

- http://www.normanrecords.com/cd/125338-red-river-dialect-colour-sun-split

To get a copy, your best bet is to head over to Norman Records or email Dave at [email protected]

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